Securing Your Next Place To Call Home Is My Passion

I'm Emily Wallace, an independent Buyer's Advocate offering a unique and bespoke approach to sourcing property, leaving no stone unturned.

The Top 3 Ways I Can Help

Sourcing Properties Including Off-Market

Leveraging agent relationships to give my clients access to off-market properties, meaning more opportunity to find the perfect home than searching

Dealing With Real Estate Agents On Your Behalf

Let's face it, the Agent is engaged by the vendor. Having a Buyers Advocate, means you also have representation, someone on your side to skip the confusing jargon.

Auction Bidding & Negotiating

Remove the emotional rollercoaster, stress and pressure out of auction day (or private sale), by enlisting a professional to help or handle the negotiating on your behalf.

If We Haven't Met, I'm Emily!

For many, buying a property is the single biggest financial decision in their lifetime and comes with its fair share of stresses.

As my passion for property grew - I noticed there was a large focus on helping people to sell their home but minimal resources to help buyers through the journey.

Becoming a Buyer's Advocate has allowed me to help many different types of home buyers secure their next place to call home - specifically first-time buyers, up-sizers, down-sizers and even interstate relocaters.

From sourcing, inspecting and qualifying, right through to negotiating and auction bidding, my team and I handle everything for you.

It all starts with an initial chat to connect and understand your property needs and goals - so go ahead and click below to pick a time that suits!

Who I Typically Work With

First-time Buyers




Let's Connect!

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